Fall 2016 we had the opportunity to work with Mircea Pricop from Sighetul Marmatiei, Maramures. Mircea is well known for helping families in need throughout Romania. We were able to send packages of clothing, shoes, school supplies and toys to these less fortunate families! <3 We look forward to continue working with Mircea.



Fall 2016 was full of happy memories. We were able to meet with some of the beautiful families we helped out in the Timisoara, Romania area! Loved to see the smiles on their faces! <3



Fall 2016 we had the opportunity to personally hand out school bags to these beautiful children in the Timisoara, Romania area. It was a wonderful experience! We love to bring smiles to less fortunate children and their families.<3



Kindness and caring are contagious. When we see someone do an act of kindness inspires us to be kinder ourselves. This way, kindness spreads from one person to the next, influencing the entire society.
Kindness and caring for others is the key towards connecting individual happiness with wider community and social wellbeing. Everyone has a unique life ‘story’, everyone has their own needs, joys and sadness, fulfillments and things they are lacking and if we can in any way help each other, we are one step closer to influencing our society to become better and kinder to those in need. And when it comes to kids…well, they deserve the best! And, we are here to provide that best to all the kids out there who need our help.
We have gathered some of the amazing life stories we have encountered in our work, lives changed by simple acts of kindness and care.



Hello, my name is Filtner Ludovic and I am a senior at George Emil Palade High School in the city of Satu Mare, Romania. I can finally say that my life is taking a turn for the better! Unfortunately, life has not always been…Read More


On March 7th 2016 this Kenosha family was temporarily homeless due to a fire! Residents awoke at about 7 a.m. in the smoke-filled building. Residents awoke at about 7 a.m. in the smoke-filled building, 3514 50th St., to the sounds of alarms and firefighters banging on their doors. Now, these beautiful people are trying to rebuild their lives.
Lyone Foundation together with all our friends who made donations are reaching out to people who need our help. Thank you so much for all of your donations!
It’s great to see the smiles on these children’s faces!



This beautiful family lives in a rural area of Romania, in a small village called Jimbolia -Timis! Adi and Miki are the parents of these three beautiful children! Rares is two months old. Bogdan is three years old and Raoul is six. The only person who has a job is Adi. Needless to say it’s hard to keep up with all the expenses. We at Lyone’s Foundation were happy to send them some clothing for their boys!
Big thanks to Veronica and Emrich Dembroschi for volunteering their time !



Thank you dear friends Lucian and Alina Muresanu & Lyone Foundation LTD for sending clothing to families in the city of Satu Mare- Romania! Less fortunate children are able to benefit from the donations received.